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Branding. More than just logo design.



Wagga food and wine festival web designYou don’t just need a logo from any Wagga logo designer, you need to develop a brand.  Whilst logos are a central visual element to any brand, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brand creation.  A good Wagga logo designer will understand this.

An effective logo will survive the life of a business with little/no alterations.  When designing a logo we ensure we create a logo that will last the test of time, and most importantly be memorable.

They are often the first interaction a prospective customer will have with your brand.  On the very first glance people will begin to position your business, judge the quality of your products/services, and decide if you are the kind of business they would like to deal with.

So it’s important to get these first impressions right and provide a consistent message across all of your marketing and promotional assets.  Once you start printing your logo on everything it can be a costly exercise if you change your mind.

But there’s more to your brand than just a logo.  Your signage, your customer service, the way your dress, the manner in which you speak, your aspirations, your customers/fans, your location/office, your social media posts and so much more.  Some of this you can control and the rest you can create a branding framework that achieves your goals.  We don’t tell you how to dress (unless you ask), but we can help you with other branding assets, including:

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